01 - 11

특별한 하루 Special

특별함 - 숲 명상 A room with a natural friendly tree
It feels like it's inside the dense forest.
Forest meditation

아름다운 숲속 벤치에 앉아
명상의 시간을 가져보세요.
산책로를 걷다보면 나무 숲 곳곳에
벤치가 마련되어 있습니다.
피톤치드를 한껏 받으며 명상해보세요.
홍천힐링캠프의 맑은 기운을 듬뿍 드릴께요.
Everyone who's looking for this place
eorgetting the weariness of everyday life and complexity
with light-hearted composure and happiness
i will do my best to make lots of good memories.
this trip was very
meaningful and memorable.